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Holding Hands

Who we are

Our Ethos

New Era Residence is an outcome focused organization working closely with local authorities to provide a holistic approach to 16+ semi-independent supported accommodation for care leavers and vulnerable young people. 

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We based our ethos on creating a new start for our young residents, to allow them to release their hidden talents and aspirations whilst effective transiting into early adulthood. We ensure they are able to vocalize themselves within a safe and secure environment that they can call home, as they form their own identifies.  

Our ethos promotes recovery, progression and re-enablement through our supportive approaches to bloom self-belief within our resident as they achieve their aspirations towards education, training and employment. We offer constructive and realistic frameworks for their transition into early adulthood, whilst they learn to navigate health, social and well-being interventions.  Our supportive frameworks provide structure and consistency within daily routines along with the protection and relief from emotional hardship, to create positive experiences within our services.  We uphold the local authority co-operate parental duty, the key principles of the Care Leavers Charter and governance of the Children’s (leaving care) Act 2002 and section 2 Children and Social work Act 2017.

Our Values


Promoting Independent 

Through our outcome stars and visual support plans we enable our young resident to see and reach to their full potential to effectively transition into early adulthood 

Safeguarding Futures

At New Era Residence, we aim to eliminate the pipeline from vulnerable young people/carer leaver to complex adults as we state, “It is easier to build strong children than rebuild broken adults”. Whilst safeguarding, we also advocate for the rights of all young people to improve upon their health and wellbeing. 

Believing in You

We praise and celebrate all the achievement our young residents set out to conquer no matter how small. We encourage the growth of self-belief and self-empowerment by setting realistic goals for them to achieve. 

Society Ready

We have evidence based plans in place that are individually trailed for each young resident to become Tenancy/Mortgage Ready within the community. 

Our commitment

We put our young residents at the centre of everything we do and remain innovated to respond to their needs within our safe secure homes. 

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Why we do what we do

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We established our services with the objective to create better outcomes for care leavers and vulnerable young people, as we recognized that these group of young people have an increased chance of becoming homeless, unemployment, involved within criminal activity or substance misuse than their peers who remained within a stable family home.  

Our services will be operated over 4 provisions in the West Midlands area within both rural and urban communities for our young residents to gain a realistic sense of the society we live in. We have a mixed gender, male only and female only provisions to offer a range of unique services. 

As an outcome’s focused organization we have developed a range of informative and impactive Enrichment frameworks to ensure our young people transition effectively into early adulthood. 

We champion for Youth Voice and Youth Participation to ensure that young people not only shape our services but also the services that have the primarily focus of supporting young people. 

  • Only 6% of care leavers go to university 

  • Nearly half of young men in custody have had experience within the care system


Our Enrichment Tree has its own philosophy in reflecting the disproportionate outcomes of our care leavers. Please click the tree to see the illustration that if you put the correct nutrients into our roots our inner potential will blossom throughout.

  • 39% of care leaver aged 19-21 were not in education, employment or training  compared to 12% of all 19-21 year olds 

  • One third of care leavers become homeless within the first two years of leaving care 

  • 62% of car leavers have some form of mental health issues compared to just 10% of their peers

Our Team



Our director has a wealth of knowledge and expertise working with vulnerable groups of people for over 15 years. She graduated as a mental health nurse in 2008 then obtained young peoples and housing related qualifications before specializing within the business management sector for young people’s provisions. Throughout her services she has supported over 300 young people in which she achieved the integration on 73% of these.  She has contributed to the development and restructuring 4 organization who’s primarily aim is to champion for young people’s success. 

Our director manages the strategical development of the business, she will support within our robust matching assessments to ensure sustainability of all placements. She heavily contributes to the auditing, reviewing and evaluation of the services so that we remain in compliance and innovated at all times.

Youth Enrichment Team Leads

Each provision will have a Youth Enrichment Team Lead who will over see the day to day operations of the home and act as the safeguarding lead. They will manage and assess all risk  to ensure the environment, young resident and staff are safe at all times, they will be the first point of contact for local authorities and other stakeholders we have formed partnerships with. Further to this they will manage and supervise the youth enrichment workers ensuring compliance with health and safety, the young people’s placement plan and executing the objectives of the overall service.

Youth Enrichment Worker

Each young resident will be allocated a key youth enrichment worker who will work closely with residents to provide our informative and impactive enrichment frameworks. They are responsible for ensuring that all documentation about the young residents and the health and safety of the home is kept updated and is accurately evidence.  As frontline staff they will liaise directly with the team leads and directors on how best to innovate our services with our young residents at mind.

Skills and Qualifications 


All staff will have obtain at least 12 months of experience within similar roles before being recruited by New Era Residence and share a passion for supporting vulnerable people within our sector. Our team leads would have obtained or working towards a level 3 within young people workforce, for our youth enrichment workers this would be a level 2. Staff will receive the mandatory training such as fire safety, food hygiene, managing challenging behaviour, CSE and CCE awareness, Attachment disorder etc before they start employment.  

Why Choose Us


Youth Excellence is our mission 

This is not just a service to us this is our passion. We have an overall aim to change the way society views young people who have an unfortunate start in life, we believe the best way to accomplishes this is to improve young people’s outcomes to change the negative views of others. Once views are altered our young people will have better access to opportunities such as housing, education and employment within the communities they live in.