Offering a Person-Centred Approach to 16+ Semi-Independent Living

Our Services

We are constantly striving for Youth Excellence within our 24/7 supported provisions and through our Therapeutic Enrichment frameworks to reform the current statistic for care leaver.

About Us

Our philosophy is to create a NEW START for our young residents allowing them to release their hidden talents and aspirations, whilst they effectively transition into early adulthood and stable their growing identities

What do we offer

We provide innovation and flexibility within all of our holistic supportive packages, that are created with each young person in mind prior and during our admission processes. Our supportive accommodation provides the warmth sense of a small family home to enable our young residents to transition effectively into early adulthood. Our ethos promotes progression, recovery, and re-enablement to blossom self-belief as they achieve their desired goals within education, training, and employment.

We offer consistency and stability for our young people to
•    Explore aspirations 
•    Engage within purposeful activities 
•    Make positive decisions towards their future
•    Creating positive outcomes within educational setting
•    CV writing/ application filling
•    Weekly budget management
•    Maintain safe family and friend connections
•    Maintain a safe living environment 
•    Disengage from negative associates or activities 
•    Overcome childhood adversity 



At New Era Residence we believe within employing and connecting with individuals who have lived experiences, to enable us to grow and shape our services effectively. Two of our Expert by Experiencers have provided us with an overview of their experiences within the care system, which gives you an insight into however positive connections within others can shape the path for a better future.

Image by Zack Minor

Alicia, 23

Image by Gianluca Zuccarelli

Jake, 55

I entered the care system at just the age of 9. 

Can you imagine at the age of 9 knowing all of your family and then suddenly feeling this sense of confusion and hatred, because you could no longer see your ‘family’? Well that was how I felt.

I didn’t really like my time within the care system, I wanted to go home straight away I didn’t get on with staff or the other young people.  


I was 13 years old when my mum and dad went to prison, I grew up with never knowing my mum or dad not to be high off drugs, I was at my grans a lot until she died and when went to the children’s home. 

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