We are a specialised hospital avoidance admission service for young people between the ages of 13-24 with complex mental health conditions. We provide residential accommodation with onsite therapy support to ensure we meet the needs of our children and young people. We work closely with several Local Authorities across the UK,  Child and Adolescent Mental Health teams, Integrated Care Boards,  Health and Social Commissioners to avoid Tier 4 admissions by providing holistic care, support and education within the community.

We established our services with the objective to create better outcomes for care leavers and vulnerable young people, as we recognized that these group of young people have an increased chance of becoming homeless, unemployment, involved within criminal activity or substance misuse than their peers who remained within a stable family home.  

Our services will be operated over 4 provisions in the West Midlands area within both rural and urban communities for our young residents to gain a realistic sense of the society we live in. We have a mixed gender, male only and female only provisions to offer a range of unique services.
As an outcome’s focused organization we have developed a range of informative and impactive Enrichment frameworks to ensure our young people transition effectively into early adulthood.

We champion for Youth Voice and Youth Participation to ensure that young people not only shape our services but also the services that have the primarily focus of supporting young people.

Our enrichment tree has its own philosophy in reflecting the disproportionate outcomes of care leavers. see our animation below describing our ideology.

University Numbers

According to our reseach and Data regarding our users in care todate,Only 6% of care leavers go to University.

Young men in custody

Nearly half of young men in custody have had experience within the care system

Mental Health

62% of car leavers have some form of mental health issues compared to just 10% of their peers

Education, Employment or Training

39% of care leaver aged 19-21 were not in education, employment or training  compared to 12% of all 19-21 year olds.


One third of care leavers become homeless within the first two years of leaving

Ongoing guidance and support

New Era Cares about those that are in care and we engage in support and ongoing guidance.

Have peace of mind knowing that any child or young person in New Era care their future is in good hands

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