Here are some popular questions.

Why am I moving so far away from my friends / family – how often will I be allowed to see them – can they visit me, can I contact my friends / family when I want

Your social worker will be able to tell you why you have to live so far away and how much you can see your family.  If you are allowed, then they would be able to visit you here or we can take you to see them.

Can I use social media and have my phone?

If your social worker agrees you can have your phone and use social media if you are old enough, but we have certain restrictions which we can go through with you when you arrive.

My big sister tucks me in bed each night and reads me a story – who will do this for me

The adults in the home will be happy to read you a story and tuck you up in bed, if you get on well with your peers, they might like to read you a story and we will make sure we have plenty of books that you like.

Other questions

I have regular sleep overs at my friends’ homes, and they sleep at my house can I continue with this

Again, if your social worker agrees we would want to meet your friends’ parents to check you are safe and then this could go ahead.

I follow a vegan diet / lifestyle and will not any other way, how will you support this?

We will happily support you in your vegan lifestyle and will encourage you to go shopping with us and help to cook vegan meals, you could help us to learn how important this is to you.

My mum has let me smoke in the house since I turned 15, can I do this in the placement?

Unfortunately, smoking is not allowed, however we would support you to give up