Maintaining Youth Excellence

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How we remain innovated and Urban

Our sole purpose is to provide an excellence service for young people within our society, we maintain this by constantly reviewing and evaluating the way we deliver our services. 

  • Our staff actively listen and then respond to the needs and ambitions of our young residents.

  • During our weekly “Chat Times” we encourage our young residents to take part in shaping our service whether that be decorating, celebrations, updating service documents or consultation on new referrals. 

  • We stay urban by capturing what is happening within the youth communities and safely reflecting this within our services to raise awareness and create opportunities for all. 

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Our Crisis Intervention

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We foresee and respond appropriately to the negative impacts of unfortunate situations our young people may encounter. Our staff have obtained the skills to identify and assess negative life events such as family breakdowns, bereavement, bullying and increased mental health, to swiftly follow with support to listen, observes, gain an understanding, show empathy and remain respectful to gain their trust. Each situation is unique so we have a variety of resources and partnerships for a multi-agency response no matter the time of day.


A high number of young care leavers engage within self-harming and suicide attempts, Our staff and provisions are equipped to minimising this and the harmful effects. Further to this we offer a non-judgemental, non-blaming, calm and trustworthy approach. 

In special circumstances we will accept emergency and respite placements if we are able to safely respond to the needs of the young person

Our robust referral matching assessments


Our ethos is to sustain placements until the young person as effectively transitioned into early adulthood. To support with this we match all referrals to our provisions, staffing skills and current young people already in placement. If we identify any concerns that will have a negative impact on the referral or young people in placement, we will reject the referral giving an explanation. 

To obtain a copy of our matching templates please get in touch

Partnership working 

We create partnerships and effective working pathways to ensure we can respond to the needs and ambitions of all our young people, our provisions and staff. 

Some of the services we have created partnership with 

  • Local Policing teams to ensure our young residents, staff and provisions remain safe and all times 

  • Local sixth forms, colleges and university for our young residents to have fair access to their services 

  • Forward thinking and Pause to respond to the mental health needs of our young people

  • GET TO to prevent gang affiliation 

  • YOTs and Probation to support our young residents to comply with their behavioural management plan

  • Birmingham City Council to provide suitable placements for local young people

  • Local business offering working placements and experiences 

  • Our neighbours to create a safe and warmth sense of a supporting community 

Our partnership portfolio is constantly growing to keep us innovated and our services effective. 

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Equal Opportunity Policy

Diversity Students

New Era Residence is an equal opportunities employer and provider, which means that we welcome a diverse range of employees and young people into our services. We have the tools and resources to respond effectively to everyone needs to ensure effective outcomes are achieved and to celebrate different races, cultures, religions, national origin, disabilities and events. 

To obtain a copy of our equality and diversity policies please get in touch 

Feedback Compliments &Complaints


Our complaints procedures are an effective way to ensure the robust management process of our services and to uphold our accountability for our young people, staff, stakeholders and the public. Our procedures act as a valuable prompt to review our overall performance and strengthen confidence within others that we will deliver.  We ensure that all complaints are dealt with promptly, consistently and are handled with courtesy and fairness as we aim to rectify the concerns raised and improve our services for all. 

To obtain a copy of our complaints policy or a form please do not hesitate to get in touch.

What people say about us


Housing Support provider

I have had the pleasure of  working alongside the director of New Era Residence for many year within the vulnerable peoples sector. I always admired her desire to wanting to do more to improve the quality of people’s lifestyles and advocate for sector innovation. With her wealth of knowledge and expertise New Era Residence will be apart of implementing best practices nationally


Ex Care Leaver

As an ex care leaver I have also required additional support from others and found this within New Era Residence as I was supported to raise my self -relicense by focus upon implementing the desired changes for current care leavers to make a positive impact. I am excited to be apart of the New Era Residence team


Reach School

We have formed a working partnership with New Era Residence as we also champion for Youth Excellence and believe working  together and sharing best practices we shall achieve this within our sector