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Who we provide our service for


Our provisions are designed to support care leaver who are ready to exit children residential services and vulnerable young adults ready shape their own unique pathway into early adulthood. We have observed that many young people begin to display rejection and frustration within their current home environment and begin to present obstructive behaviours, disengage and go on to form negative relations within the community. 

We support young people within the West Midlands who require 24/7 therapeutic interventions around 

•    Experiencing family breakdown & Attachment Disorder
•    Gang affiliation & criminal involvement 
•    Risk of homelessness 
•    Mental health concerns 
•    Drug and alcohol misuse
•    Challenging behaviours 
•    Autistic spectrum & Attention deficit disorder 
•    Self-harming 
•    Low level sexualised behaviours 


In addition to the referrals we receive from West Midlands we welcome referrals from external local authorities to break navigate community influences such as gang affiliation and exposure to CSE and country lines. Also those who are ready to reconnect back into the West Midlands with family and friends and to establish education, training and employment opportunities. 

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Our Provisions

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Clarity House is our female only 24/7 provision set within a rural part of the west midlands offering therapeutic support for young ladies who have had a traumatic start to life. The enrichment staff at Clarity House specialise within supporting those who have been exposed to emotional, physical, sexual abuse, CSE and bulling which may have resulted to them expressing their emotional transmission through self-harm, absconding, criminal activities and risky behaviours. 


At clarity House we encourage our young ladies to grow self-resilience to remodel their emotional transmission through our Amore Down Time (ADT) where the house unites within groups or 1-1 sessions and discuss matters that have an impact on women in society such as Menstruation / Hormones, Trauma-centred feminism, Gender based violence, sexism, FGM, Relationships etc. 


Young ladies that who reside at Clarity House will benefit from this being a only females provision as they are able to express themselves without feeling stereotyped by gender. Clarity house allows them to recovery whilst transiting into early adulthood. 

New Heights House is our male only 24/7 provision set within an affluent area of the west midlands offering restorative support for young males who have had a traumatic start to life. The enrichment staff at New Heights house specialise within supporting those who have been involved in to gang affiliation, country drug lines, street violence, concealing weapons etc which have resulted to them expressing their emotional transmission through substance abuse, inflicting violence onto others, defiant and risky behaviours.


New Heights staff work closely with our young males to remodel their emotional transmission through our Big Man Programs where they will have the opportunity to be peer mentored by ex-gang members who have established a better life for themselves having gained employment, housing and stabilised relationships. Our young males will be exposed to manual labour activities/work such as construction, fireman experiences, physical training etc, that they find rewarding to build upon their skills to utilise in later life and provide structure within daily routines.


Our mixed gender provisions Sustain house and Dream house are set within diverse communities within the west midlands area, offering our enrichment frameworks for a successful transition into early adulthood. Please request for a copy of our statement of purpose to find out more 

Enrichment Models


Our intention is to ensure we create an environment with the warm sense of a family home to enable us to delivery our supportive frameworks to residents age 16-24. These frameworks aim to help inspire young residents to develop and maintain self-reliance, conflict resolutions and self-sufficiency into their path of independent.

Our provisions are designed to support care leaver who are ready to exit children residential services and shape their own unique pathway into early adulthood. Many care leavers begin to display signs of rejection and frustration within their current placements and begin to present obstructive behaviours, disengage and go on to form negative relations within the community. They outgrow the children residential environment and pose many strict to those under 16 within the placement who mimic their behaviours 

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Outcome Stars


Stuck – Unwilling to gain an insight or to make changes to start progress within this area 


Active learning – starting to engage with cooking and clean however requires prompting to so do. Will mirror the actions of staff in using kitchen appliances safely and start to ask the relevant questions


Displaying self-belief – Will complete own laundry on set given days, will develop own safe learning styles to ensure personal living space is kept safe at all times. Completed independent assessment


Engaging within support – Continuously attends key sessions and follows through with action plan in place. Can safely prepare and cook a meal cleaning up after themselves. Is able to maintain the cleanliness and safety of their living environment


Self-resilience – Able to problem solve effectively to ensure progress is not affected. Will plan ahead to ensure this area is met for example buying a spare light bulb prior to running out.


Within this section you will learn the skills to be able to 

  • Cook 

  • Clean

  • Complete your laundry 

  • Change a light bulb

  • Avoid ASB such as playing loud music

  • Securing the property 

  • Managing heating 

  • Safe use of appliances

Managing living



Navigating Health

and wellbeing

Within this section you will learn the skills to be able to

  • Registering with health and wellbeing provisions

  • Able to make appointments in reflections to your needs

  • Attend appointments

  • Order repeat prescriptions

  • Comply with professional health advice and medication plan

  • Make positive informed decisions about your health and wellbeing

Stuck – poor judgement on the influences negative behaviours may have towards your health, refusing to engage with health and wellbeing professionals



Active Learning – Will attend appointments with staff, starts to show interest within support given


Displaying self-belief – Is aware of the health professionals to contact to address different health concerns, will seek support from staff to make appointments, complies with medication plan


Engaging with support – Is aware of why their health plan is in place and displays appreciation for positive impacts, Is able to make appointments via telephone or app




within this section you will learn the skills to be able to

  • Effectively manage your weekly budget

  • Contribute towards household bills

  • Complete weekly food shop – at value for money

  • Obtains an insight on the current living wage, universal credit, student loans and how you would manage this to cover living cost such as rent, household bills, clothing, social activities etc

  • How to effectively save


Stuck – shows no interest into managing finances


Active Learning – starts to gain an interest on how to effectively spread out weekly allowance


Displaying self-belief – Begins to plan weekly food menu and creates a shopping list to reflect this, will go shopping with staff and spend allowance wisely, willing to contribute towards household bills


Engaging with support –gasping an understanding of the important of education training and employment to maintain a balance lifestyle, cost implications off living alone


Self-resilience – working towards being financial stable, actively saving, has a positive outlook towards their future


Self-resilience – Will attend appointments alone and order repeat prescriptions, is able to identify and use safe methods to manage behaviours or sleeping patterns as an alternative to medication, is confidence to navigate health and well being plan


Stuck – unable to fill out forms, not having an insight to why forms should be filled out, poor self belief in achieving the result of filling out forms


Active Learning –engaging with staff to complete forms, willing to gain an insight of items required to live independently


Displaying self-belief – is motivated to achieving positive outcomes when applying for education, training or employment, starts to search on best banking services and suitable living accommodations.


Engaging with support –Able to plan for interviews scheduled to attend, has opened a bank account and safely manages money, safe storage of personal documents, engaging within safe activities that promote happy energies 


Self-resilience – displays consistency in managing living environment and daily routines, able to respond effectively to unplanned events for stable outcomes

Within this section you will learn the skills to be able to

  • Channelling their interest into education training and employment

  • Applying for education, training and employment

  • Understanding the importance of engaging with education, training and employment

  • Utilising experiences and qualifications gain to make an income

  • Balancing a healthy lifestyle and finds reward within building upon own success

Education, Training

and Employment

Stuck – refuses to accept safe advice from staff and professional to avoid negative engagement and activities, has no concept of the risk they are exposing themselves too


Displaying Self Belief – takes initiative to making positive changes in family and friends relationships, finds reward in showing respect to family, friends, staff and professionals who have supported them, balances out contact with family and friends to not affect daily routine or the placement


Self resilience – is able to identify unsafe relationships and associate and how to avoid any involvement, makes positive relationships with peers or work colleagues, has balance within family and friends relationships


Engaging with support – is able to safely engage within their life story and family mediation, accepts staff and professional support in releasing past trauma to move forwards.


Stuck – Is unable to make safe choice for themselves, refuses to remain safe within placements and regularly absconds


Active Learning –Being able to accepts advice from staff and professionals, starts to attend meeting in reflection of behaviour management and health plans


Active Learning –Starts to acknowledge the risky behaviours they are involved within, growing a desire for wanting to disengage from negative relationships and behaviours


Active Learning –Displays slight interest in wanting to explore and takes part in activities on offer


Displaying Self Belief – displays maturity in making informed decisions that will positively impact upon their transition, actively involved within on goings within the home and can chair house meetings, is a positive peer for their friends


Displaying Self Belief – starts to list aspirations and showcases their talents, wanting to explore courses, lessons or employment opportunities that reflective their aspirations and talents, use talents to steer away from negative behaviours 


Stuck – has no interest in exploring new talents or aspirations, gives up on first hurdles


Engaging with support – is aware of the strategies and de-escalation techniques that works best for them, participates within their LAC, has a boast of self esteems when reflecting upon their development and growth


Engaging with support – Enrolled at sixth form or college onto course that reflects their desires and talents, displays self-reward within engagement, uses their talents to support with on goings and maintenance within the home


Self resilience – has created positive support networks to stabilize this area, continues to champion on for their development, has a balanced lifestyle from the daily choices they make 


Self resilience – Continues to display excellence within this area, complies effective with other personalised plans to ensure this area remains balanced.


Within this section you will learn the skill to -

  • Identifies unsuitable relationships or associates and disengage from them

  • Able to build upon safe and rewarding relationships with family and friends

  • Displays ownership of their behaviours that have affected their relationship with other

  • Is confident in making positive relationships

  • Has reflected upon their life story in order to effectively move forward from past traumatic events

  • Is aware of the legislations around bullying, domestic violence, under age sexual activities etc to prevent any involvement

Sustainable Relationship

Within this section you will learn the skill to -

  • Engages effectively with behavioural management, health and person-centred plans

  • Comply with the boundaries of the home

  • Accepts and engages within the support offered them within the home and from professionals to make informed decisions

  • Effective judges situations and make positives choices for a better outcome

  • Acknowledges the required actions they must take to becoming independent

Making positive choices 

Within this section you will learn the skill to -

  • Identify safe hobbies and activities that interest them

  • Reflect your aspirations and talents into education, training and employment

  • Effectively use of weekly budget to engage within meaningful activities

  • Raise self-confident as they achieve with enjoyment

  • Forming a sense of identity and a positive purpose

Reaching aspirations and talents

Stuck – has no desire to engage within education training or employment


Active Learning – begins to show an interest within exploring way to channel interest into education, training and employment, accepting support to enrol into sixth form, college or training


Displaying Self belief – Attending education, training or employment and engaging effectively, completes course work on time, reflects learning within daily routines



Engaging with support – Able to plan out daily routines to comply with a 100% attendance record, takes responsibility for actions that may affect education, training or employment and able to changes this around


Self Resilience – Has achieved their potential outcomes within training and education, is able to maintain steady employment, is able to conduct themselves within a professional manner.

Within this section you will learn the skill to -

  • Safe storage of personal documents such as birth certificate, passports, bank cards

  • Filling out application forms 

  • Attending college, university or job interviews

  • Making a list of all the household items required to live independently

  • Opening and managing own bank account 

  • Applying for driving licence 

  • Balancing daily routines to promote substantiality and happiness

Practical Life Skills

Independent Life skill plan

Documenting the needs, identifying actions that to be taken and resources that need to be put in place to support our residents during their transition 

Visual direction path

Our young residents have the option to have their independent life skill plan transformed into a visual document for them to easily identify and track their development.

Our Amore Down Time and Big Man Program will be reflected within each young persons enrichment frameworks to work alongside each other to secure greater outcomes.

Offending Behaviour Management 

A multi agencies approach to working with local authorities, police, YOT’s, education, health and supporting agencies to prevent and reduce residents from engaging within criminal and unsafe activities.  

Our enrichment frameworks are created around the needs and aspirations of our young residents, they will adapt with them to reflective their growing development. When changes occur that are deemed to have a negative or positive impact upon the young resident’s development their Key Enrichment worker will respond by alternating their frameworks as necessary to boost greater outcomes

Our multi-agency approach

We have an integrated local approach to tackling the challenges and barriers our young residents face when working towards progression.  We ensure that all those involved within their support have clear objectives and responsibilities to draw upon their unique expertise and resources to provide tailored and holistic support to maximum each sectors potential.


Our robust sharing of information between each sector means that we can learn from one another and build on existing knowledge and initiatives. This provides consistent and clear communication for the young person during the LAC and shows that the professional are united together in supporting them. 

Below shows who we work with - 

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New Era Residence recognises that it is our responsibility to ensure the safety and protection of all of our young residents and that this is paramount having priority over all other interests. We meet the legal requirements to safeguard young people within our provision by abiding to the following -

•    The young carers regulation 2015
•    Children and Social work act 2017
•    Female Genital Mutilation Act 2003
•    Children and Young Person Act 1933
•    The Sexual Offences Act 2003
•    The Care Act 2014
•    Children Act 1989 and 2004
•    Equality Act 2010
•    Human right act 1998
•    Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 
•    Data Protection Act 2018
•    Serious Crime Act 2015
•    Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Act 2009
•    Adoption and Children’s Act 2002
•    Modern Slavery Act 2015
Our staff receive training which raises awareness to their responsibly and duty in protecting our young residents in reflection of the act’s above. Staff have a coordinated approach to identifying and protecting our young residents from abuse ensuring that their voices are heard and a young person-centred approach is taken. 

We work closely with our local authorities safeguarding team and the vulnerable group’s policing department to ensure that all young residents placed within our provision are free from harm. The young person’s placing authorities will also have procedures set in place that New Era Residence will adhere too. 

To request copies of our in-house policies that we have in place (such as missing person procedures, bullying, lone working, room search, challenging behaviour, CSE) etc to ensure we remain in compliance to meet the needs of our young resident please get in touch.